Popping Up

            I left off at the point where everyone had finally come together to bring our business to light, and boy did we. After my stint with Northwest Arkansas Home Inspection Service, I rejoined my group ready to hit the ground running. We immediately got to work spreading our brand name and our new angle, … Continue reading Popping Up

Buttered Up

The last blog post I wrote was about our birth as a company, or rather the seeds that planted our inevitable growth as a company. I touched lightly upon the time I took away from the group in order to learn about the job I was getting into. As I stated before, I had experience … Continue reading Buttered Up

Wake Up Time

            Let me first answer the most obvious question, you’re probably wondering why we went with toast as our moniker. And the simplest answer, is because, why not? We take our work very seriously, and the estimates and inspections we provide can have an effect on peoples lives, their insurance, and a number of other … Continue reading Wake Up Time